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The Latest: Hassan: Father, daughter killed in tent collapse

The Latest: Governor says a father and daughter were killed in circus tent collapse

Blind People Can Read Braille in Real Time With Smartwatch

Portable electronic devices that display Braille can be expensive, but one Korean company has created an affordable option that fits on your wrist.

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The Brown & Huston Families at War Over Bobbi Kristina's Leaked Casket Pic

The Brown and Houston families are livid and blaming each other for the leaked photo of Bobbi Kristina Brown in her casket.

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Former Lions running back Mel Farr dies at age 70

Former Lions running back Mel Farr dies at age 70; Offensive Rookie of the Year in 1967

This American Football Life: Carolina

The MMQB's Peter Kings explains why a staple of The MMQB Tour is as much baseball as he can fit in to the grueling schedule.

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FDA lays out extra steps to clean scopes linked to outbreaks

FDA outlines steps to clean medical scopes linked to outbreaks, but acknowledges risks remain

Drought could hurt endangered fish caught in water fight

California drought could doom endangered fish caught in the center of state's water battles

Maker of hacked radio says system is unique to Fiat Chrysler

Maker of hacked Fiat Chrysler radio says no other products have same vulnerability

US stocks edge higher; Allstate slumps on weak earnings

US stocks edge higher as energy sector rebounds; Allstate slumps on weak earnings report

Bail of $300,000 for man accused in courthouse shooting

Judge sets bail at $300,000 for man accused in fatal shooting outside Mississippi courthouse

The Latest: Vehicle found that may be linked to shooting

The Latest: Sheriff: Deputies find vehicle that may be linked to shooting at Camp Shelby

Shooting at Toronto Nightclub Event Hosted by Rapper Drake

Two are dead after a shooting at a Toronto nightclub event hosted by rapper Drake. Officials haven't confirmed if Drake was there during the shooting.

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Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale Concerned About Their Children After Divorce

Gwen Stefani is thinking about one thing in the wake of her divorce from Gavin Rossdale - being a mother to her 3 children.

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Zooey Deschanel marries Jacob Pechenik, delivers baby girl

Zooey Deschanel announces marriage to Jacob Pechenik and birth of their baby daughter

World Rowing to seek viral testing in Rio Olympic waters

World Rowing to seek viral tests in Rio Olympic water; all water sports expected to want tests

Assault Charges Against Former Utah Cornerback Dominique Hatfield

Utah cornerback Dominique Hatfield has been charged with misdemeanor assault stemming from a fight at a party last month, his second run-in with police in recent weeks.

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Tax filing problems could jeopardize health law aid for 1.8M

Health law subsidies at risk next year for 1.8M households; fed government launches outreach

Israel: Thousands of rare Hebrew texts soon available online

New Israeli project will make thousands of rare Hebrew manuscripts available online

Venezuela ruling party games Twitter for political gain

Venezuela ruling party leverages Twitter bots as censorship pushes political debate online

Thousands of California convicts to regain voting rights

Thousands of California convicts to regain right to vote in ACLU-state settlement

Last push begins to sentence Colorado shooter to death

Prosecutors begin final arguments to have Colorado theater shooter sentenced to death

Bottle in Samuel DuBose's Car Was Air Freshener, Not Gin

When Samuel DuBose handed a gin-labeled bottle to officer Ray Tensing, he said it contained air freshener. DuBose was fatally shot moments later.

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'ROHBH' Star Kim Richards Arrested for Shoplifting at Target

Kim Richards is in trouble with the law once again. The former 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star was arrested for shoplifting, just a few months after being arrested for public intoxication.

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